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My works on the whole, tries to exhibit a hypothetical idea of how thoughts are and reality can look. It has gone through a journey of its own which helped it to evolve into its present state. It attempts to evoke emotions in the viewer by portraying emotions itself, one can see things that are not actually there and also the things that are physically around. The physically present visual is what makes you 'see' the things that are not there, because these visuals move and create a particular pattern(s). The picture is made up of fragments of symbols:Drawing of objects, colors and shades.Everything is subjective and is a metaphorical demonstration of an anecdote. The difference adds to the visual appeal of fragility. In short, my works attempt to illustrate "an analogy of feelings", comparing my exploration in illustration to that of Alice's, in her wonderland.

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  • Picture of ElektrykJelly
    Astro, Ganga, India
    Ganga, India
  • Picture of Rabbit on the Moon
    Rabbit on the Moon
    Astro, Ganga, India
    Ganga, India