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Danielle Ezzo is a photo-based artist interested in the mechanism that create the photographic experience. The visual relationship to the figure highlights many interesting contradictions: the organic and the artificial, the grotesque and the delicate, the somatic and the psychological. Each layer builds upon a recognition of the familiar yet all the while deeply unknown, disrupting the expectation of how the photograph behaves. Through the translation of the portrait you are left with something surprisingly even more human. The Intentional Object, derived from Husserl’s theory of phenomenology posits that evidence can, in some cases, only be experienced and not seen. In this way, Danielle exposes the gestures and moves used in newer digital retouching processes as a way to both begin to unpack the nature of this methodology, but also sever it from it’s intended industry as a way of finding to ways to appropriate the tools. This work generates new conversations around the questions: “What is a photograph?” and “What is a portrait?” In hopes to divulge news ways of approaching photography and it’s relationship to the ever-evolving digital medium. She has received praise from Rayko Photo Center (SF), Soho Photo (NY), and written about in NYArts Magazine and Lenscratch. Her work has been exhibited nationally at such galleries as Daniel Cooney Fine Art (NY), Kat Kiernan Gallery (VA), as well as The Santa Barbara Museum of Art. She recently lectured at the academic conference HISTART’14 in Istanbul, Turkey and is published in The New Inquiry. 
 Danielle is a recent MFA graduate at Lesley College of Art & Design (LUCAD). She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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  • Picture of Figure Study, 15
    Figure Study, 15
    Danielle Ezzo, Brooklyn, United States
    Brooklyn, United States