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Judy is a juried member of the Artisans on Main Gallery in Montague, Prince Edward Island. You can check out her website at JudyPerryArt.ca and ArtisansOnMain.ca/judy-perry (in Montague, PEI, from June – September). Judy's contemporary abstract paintings burst with a rainbow of color and design. She loves to use intense bold pigments in her exploration of how colors blend and layer. Judy is intrigued by pouring fluid acrylic paint, onto the canvas and by tilting it, influencing the interweaving of colors, creating abstract organic shapes. You are invited to discover what each contemporary piece reveals to you. She is currently using a modern technique, which resembles shimmering “stained glass” on canvas using several layers of transparent acrylic paint and special acrylic mediums. She uses archival high quality, permanent and light-fast Golden and Liquitex acrylic paint and mediums. She focuses her painting time on work she is most passionate about and is true to her spirit. She has revealed talent as a teenager, by her drawings of animals and oil paintings of horses. Judy is primarily self taught and studies art and visits galleries. She has also participated in acrylic painting workshops by Andrea Warren in Ottawa, and on PEI, with Yvonne Soper, Henry Purdy, Linda Shaw-Packard, Ann Gallant, and Mary R.M. Robertson.

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  • Picture of Northern Lights
    Northern Lights
    Judy Perry, Stratford, Canada
    Stratford, Canada